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October 24th, 2008

Wow - time has flown since my last update.

The Mustang has landed!! My sexy stang FINALLY arrived into the country in July. I am really happy with her. Still finding it weird to drive on the wrong side of the car, but she sounds so good!!

I passed my OLT in July! Woohoo. I am now running in the Vic State Circuit Racing Championships - in Saloons. Have met some really awesome people and am having the best fun ever!!

The mod bug has bitten again. Whilst up in Sydney before Bathurst, I dropped off my Fairmont at Brad's house, and borrowed his XG XR6 Ute. He still has my Fairmont, and is working on some very cool mods. Hopefully it will be ready very soon.

Not long till its Summernats time again!! :)

May 18th, 2008

I think its time for an update here. I have been pretty slack lately.

Lets see.... Well, I went to the Nats, Had a great time. Entered the Sound off for the first time, which meant I didnt get to see the Burnouts :( 

In Feb, I went to Picnic at Hanging Rock car show, with my mate Jim in his lovely 1964 Lincoln Continental. I spent most of the day drooling over mustangs.
March was F1 time!! I was working on the celebs class again, and also the speed comparison cars. Mark (MRJUCY) & Daymo came down again, and so did Daymo's Bro.
Also in March I went a little crazy, and bought a 1969 Mustang Fastback!!! (Jim is a Bad influence).

In April I went out to Calder Park, to be the photographer for the Sumitomo tyres demonstration day. The day was run by the John Bowe driver training institute. The best part of the day was getting to meet Will Davison. He took me for a spin in my mate Brad's BF2 XR6 Turbo, which was AWESOME fun.

December 13th, 2007

Its almost Christmas - and that means its almost Summernats time again!! WOOHOO

I have been a busy little bee getting my baby ready for the trip up to Canberra again.

Have done HEAPS since I last updated this site. Umm, lets see.. I went to Winton for the Historic's, Sandown for the V8 Supercars (Got assigned to Team Vodafone for the CPS Paperwork), Drove my XR8 up to Bathurst for the 1000.
I went overseas again in November. This time it was Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Had the BEST time!!

Went to the Phillip Island Grand Finale. Was assigned to Team Vodafone again for the CPS paperwork. It was the best weekend! Even though the best driver didn't win, I had a good time.

I cant wait for the nats!!

April 14th, 2007

Time has really flown since my last update. I now have a Myspace account and also a YouTube account .

Ummm, I got new wheels for my XR as a chrissy present for myself. Went to Summernats, had a blast.

I went overseas for my Birthday (Singapore, Cambodia, and Indonesia). Had a blast, even though the only driving I did the entire time was some quad biking in Batam.

Went to F1 in March - that was AWESOME!! I couldn't believe how LOUD they were!!!
Mark (MrJucy) and Daymo came down from Sydney for that. I even managed to convince Adam to tag along on the Sunday. (I think he was more interested in the After party with free alcohol, than the actually racing).

I went overseas again at the end of March. This time it was Singapore, and Malaysia so I could attend my sisters wedding. Only just got back this week. I was in KL when the F1 was on, but didn't get to watch the racing :(

Got some new goodies for the Fairy. A new Mal Wood Automotive Short throw shifter is included.
Yet to fit them though.

December 13th, 2006

I cant believe its almost christmas.

Been up a lot recently. Headed up to Bathurst in October in the mighty fairy wagon. Attempted to walk around the track, but gave up 1/3 of the way around.
Went to Phillip Island in November for Island Magic. Had a ball drooling over the cars.
Drove up to Sydney last week, met up with Mark (MRJUCY), and Daymo who gave me a quick lesson on how to tow a trailer. (I purchased a trailer while in sydney).
Last weekend I went to Phillip Island again for the V8 Supercar Grand Finale. Was not impressed with the tactics of a certain holden team. but then again - its not really surprising is it.
Off to a skidpan day this weekend, at some Police driver training center. Should be good fun.

Anyway's - Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Bring on Summernats!!

At Summernats 20 with new Wheels.

At Heathcote for AWMN Drag Day

On display at the All ford day
At Heathcote for WVCC Drag Day

ED XR8 at Oran Park
Me at Oran Park (R33 GTR is behind me)

Blue Sprint (Kon's), Green XR8 (mine), Blue Sprint (Colin from WA)

(Kon's Sprint, my XR, and Colin from WA's Sprint)

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